The Artworks of these Russian Artists Can Blow Your Mind

The Artworks of these Russian Artists Can Blow Your Mind

Every popular artist in this world has his/her own way of creation but one thing they have in common is “perfection”. And the Russian contemporary masters are known for perfection. People from all over the world admire the Russian artwork. Their work is exceptional and can be seen in a painting exhibition. Not only this, but there is also no shortage of emerging artists in Russia which means (sooner or later) they are going to be the successors of existing artists and will continue their legacy.

Here is the list of some of the most popular Russian artists whose artworks can blow your mind:

Alexey Chernigin: Though any artwork from Russia is unique, Alexey Chernigin’s is exceptional. Since his father (Alexander Chernigin) is also a famous artist, it wasn’t hard for him to see the art as his passion. This talented artist holds a joint exhibition every year with his father.

Konstantin Lupanov: In the list of Russian contemporary masters Konstantin Lupanov is the unique one. “Fun and irresponsible garbage” is what he calls his paintings. His artworks generally include his Philip (his cat), relatives, acquaintances, and friends. According to him, the simple subject is the best for truer painting.

Stanislav Plutenko: Rated among the top 1000 surrealists of all time, Stanislav Plutenko has a unique motto – “to see the unusual and to do the unusual”. As the motto is unique, this artist also does the job in a unique way by combining watercolor, acrylic, tempera, and thin glaze.

Nikolai Blokhin: His paintings also fall in the list of best Russian artwork. Known as the portrait painter, he will definitely be known for centuries for this exceptional work. He also does genre, stills and landscapes painting but his talent is best shown in the portraits.

Dmitri Annenkov: With a place among some of the best hyperrealists, Dmitri Annenkov is an exceptional artist. His still paintings look so real that you would want to reach out your hand to touch the objects. This talented artist lives in Moscow and is known for his realistic alive paintings and artwork.

Vasily Shulzhenko: In the list of famous Russian artwork creator, Vasily Shulzhenko is the only artist who has been accused of hating Russia. Most of his paintings represent stagnation, debauchery, alcohol, uncensored and harsh Russia. Due to his realistic presentation, many people have accused him of hating the soul of Russia.

Serge Marshennikov: His paintings look like photographs. When you see his paintings, you would feel like they have been clicked using a camera. They are so realistic. Most of his paintings’ characters include his muse and wife. His sensual work is admired by many people around the world.

If you are also an art lover, you should definitely check out our collection of artwork from Russia. These exceptional artworks created by several skilled artists including Russian contemporary masters will definitely blow your mind. They feel so real that you would want to hang some of them on your walls.

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