Angelo Vadala

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Born in Messina, Italy, Angelo Vadala started painting when he was just 12 years old. Later, he went to Florence, Italy for architecture studies where he found that museums are something he likes particularly. The art was distracting him from education and all he wanted to do was capturing a moment in his mind, mix it with his own creativity and then present it on a canvas.

He was so much talent that he started painting the beauty of a human. He was exceptional in portraying gods in human form. He says that Florence became his inspiration and learned a lot from the paintings of Caravaggio, Velazquez and Leonardo DaVinci became. With his immense dedication and exceptional talent, he continued the legacy of famous Italian artists.

Angelo Vadala was sincerely dedicated to art and that is the reason he was observing whatever is happening around him. Since he was interested in painting human form, he spent a considerable amount of time studying hands. He said that “hands have millions of positions, if you are able to draw hands well, you can draw everything”.

During the 1960s, he started studying art on his own and at the end of 1960s; his new destination was New York, United States. It was the place where he got influenced by the new American figurative style of painting. Over the next one and a half decade, he devoted himself in developing his own style. During the ending of the 1980s, he started trying to explore romantic myths, oriental art, and neo-classic art.

Due to his dedication, he successfully managed to impress people with his contemporary art. Those, who love contemporary oil paintings, were amazed by his work. Angelo Vadala paintings were all about perfection and uniqueness. And that was the time he started portraying his work at an international level. He painted some of the great figures in this world including Jonny Hallyday (Senegal’s President), Rod Stieger and Cinzano.

Angelo Vadala became one of the favorite contemporary artists for contemporary art lovers. He received many awards and his works have been included in several museums of Italy as well as the United States. Currently, he lives in Florence and works in Milan. If you are also an art lover, you can find Angelo Vadala paintings on our website His unique paintings portray the perfection of whatever he is painting and you would fall in love with his creations.