Monahov, Evgeniy

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“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.” Marc Chagall

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1974, Evgeniy Monahov developed a love for painting at a very young age. In 1996 he completed the first stage of his formal studies by graduating from the Moscow College of Art. Demonstrating a unique talent and advanced artistic skills, Evgeniy was invited to enroll in the prestigious Surikov Academy & Art Institute in Moscow. He completed his graduate studies with highest honors in 2002.

Upon graduation, with the extraordinary training received at the finest academy in Moscow, Evgeniy quickly embarked on his painting career by attaining membership in the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia and the International Federation of the Union of Artists.

By 2004 Evgeniy had successfully exhibited his paintings in galleries in London, Dublin, and Japan. Additionally, he was a prominent artist participant in the international exhibition “Russian Summer in Santa Fe” held in New Mexico. The year 2006 led to opportunities to exhibit in France on the Champs Elysees, Cannes, Honfleur, and Courcheval. He continues to exhibit in galleries throughout France.

The past few years Evgeniy has been featured in solo exhibitions in Spain and the G8 Gallery in Moscow. More recently, a Spanish-themed solo exhibition was held in his honor at the G8 Gallery in the central district of Moscow. In 2016, an exhibition of his works is being held in Barcelona, Spain through October.

Evgeniy’s work is primarily inspired by a group of artists known as the Neo-Romantic painters of the 19th Century. While neo-Romanticism can refer to all phases of the arts (Richard Wagner was a neo-Romanticist in the realm of music), it continued to be a major force in academic art through the 19th century. Artists like William Blake, Henry Moore and Samuel Palmer were highly influential in this movement.

Monahov’s paintings consist of quick, loose brushstrokes with the main focus of attention receiving greater detail. His sensitivity is conveyed by graceful expressions of facial tone.

Monahov’s paintings inspire the same emotions and feelings that are evoked by music and poetry. Metaphors of time, history, and personal emotional experiences pass before those who view his art.

Ranked today as a new generation of Sorolla (Spanish 1863-1923) inspired artists, Evgeniy has been recognized with several significant exhibitions in Europe.

Evgeniy Monahov is highly acclaimed in both Russia and Europe.