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“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Occasionally, in our ongoing search for new artists, we are blessed to encounter the rare combination of talent, attitude, dedication, work ethic and passion. Such is the case, in the person of Anastasiya Matveeva.

Anastasiya was born in 1988 in the town of Kuznetsk, in the foothills of the Volga River – Russia.

Having displayed a prodigy’s ability to paint and draw at a very early age, her parents enrolled Anastasiya in an art school at the age of seven.

From 2003 through 2008, she studied and completed her degree at the Penza Art College, located 345 miles southeast of Moscow. Founded in 1898, Penza’s first director was the artist-academecian, Konstantin Savitsky.

In 2009 Anastasiya was admitted to the prestigious Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Academy, considered the finest in St. Petersburg, was founded in 1757 by decree of Catherine the Great. Anastasiya graduated from the faculty of easel painting under the guidance of Professor V.S. Pesikova in 2015, with the highest honor.

In 2016 Anastasiya joined the world renowned Union of Russian Artists. At present, she resides and maintains her studio in St. Petersburg. She has successfully participated in Russian and International art exhibitions and some of the best Anastasiya Matveeva paintings are proudly displayed in Russia, Europe and China.

What first drew us to Anastasiya was the extremely large painting (over 10’ high x 6-1/2’ wide) she created in defense of her diploma, entitled “The Studio.”

Most diploma paintings at Russian academies typically have a historically-themed, religious, military or political content. In contrast to this, Anastasiya chose to paint a moment in the process of selecting the exact subject to paint for her diploma.

Portrayed is the artist, along with her advisors/professors discussing the merits of the various sketches she has prepared for their consideration/direction. Also shown are other students and professors who were important to her during the academic years.

Anastasiya Matveeva

This painting tells an extremely important story about a process that has continued, basically unchanged, for over 250 years (longer than the existence of the U.S.). Beyond the fact that this painting is incredibly well done, it is equally important to note that Anastasiya chose to venture beyond the norm previously adhered to. By doing so, she makes it clear that she does not want to be bound by the limitations of social acceptability and restricting standards.

It is this kind of thinking that brings about change and distinguishes those who are confident enough to challenge established morays and create new directions.

We have the highest of expectations for the success that lies ahead for Anastasiya Matveeva. We also expect that her drive and creativity will assure her a well deserved place in the history of art.

How exciting that we can watch and participate in her developing career, and what a great opportunity to be involved in the process!