Constantin Lvovich

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“I can only draw what I see.” – Claude Monet

The most conspicuous characteristic of Constantin Lvovich’s paintings is his ability to accurately and objectively record visual reality, with the transient effects of light and color. Much like Monet, one can almost immediately detect the time and season in many of his paintings.

The figures in Constantin Lvovich paintings are captivating, with his delicate approach to facial structure as well as anatomy; the style of clothing also enhances the viewer’s appreciation and feel for the subject in each work of art.

The techniques he employs in his paintings are not so much the mixing of color, but rather the respect for each color, independent of one another. The impressionists referred to this as “painting in a state of mind rather than just technique.”

Constantin Lvovich completed his studies at the studio of Ilya Glazunov at the prestigious Moscow Academy of Fine Art. Influenced by many artists, he mastered the technique of combining both Realism and Impressionism.

An acclaimed artist in his early 40’s, he has exhibited throughout Europe. His work is frequently found at London and Paris auctions.

Degas is a natural inspiration for Constantin Lvovich’s paintings, as one naturally picks up on his fine draftsmanship and spontaneous brushwork. One can feel the movement within his paintings as the classical ballet music plays. Constantin gives the viewer a secret glimpse into a rehearsal studio, as he hides within the shadows, watching the fluid movement of the dancers.

He composes his paintings from unusual vantage points in order to give the viewer a presence and a rare opportunity to be involved. Constantin’s compositions range from playful children to elegant ballerinas and are always executed with vibrant strokes of color. His emphasis is on movement, color, shapes and graceful forms.

Constantin Lvovich is available for commissioned portraiture and dance-related imagery. We are proud to represent the original oil paintings and limited edition giclees on canvas of Constantin Lvovich.