Dmitri Annenkov

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In 1965, Dmitri Annenkov was born in Moscow, Russia. He did his graduation from the Stronganov Academy of Arts and Industry. Since it is a renowned University, it did not take much time for people to recognize the talent of Annenkov. His creativity made him popular on an international level. The Moscow Union of Artists also gave him a lifetime membership.

Since Dmitri Annenkov paintings were unique as well as an example of perfection, they were well-rewarded in the form of permanent exhibition permission at the galleries in the United States as well as Paris, France. After this, he became more popular and had also been given with one-man shows in Scandinavia, Germany, and Russia.

His uniqueness and perfection can be seen in his still-life paintings and his composition of art includes nearly everything. That is the reason art collectors love his work. His paintings are made with textures and colors in order to make a balance between still and animated forms.

With extreme patience and amazing skills, Dmitri Annenkov takes a considerable amount of time to create a painting. His paintings look simple, however, in reality, they are quite complex. His hyperrealist still paintings look so real that one would want to reach and touch it. In fact, fruits and glasses in the paintings look as if they are actually real and placed there.

With his exceptional skills and devotion to art, his style of painting has evolved to a point where he is focusing on realism. He follows the best tradition of Western European as well as Russian photorealism. He considers himself as a progressive artist and is learning something new daily. His fans might be satisfied with his work and think that his paintings are great but he is constantly working to be better than what he already is.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin was so much impressed with his work that he bought one of his paintings and gifted it to Eduard Shevardnadze who, at the time, was Republic of Georgia’s President. Today, Dmitri Annenkov paintings are considered to be an indivisible part of the home as well as office decorations by art lovers. So if you are also an art lover, you should definitely check out his paintings and have a glimpse of uniqueness and perfection at the same time. For more details, please visit Fine Art Collector International.