Akopov, Alexander

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“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” Alberto Giacometti

With the greatest of pleasure, Fine Art Collector International announces an alliance with famed Russian artist, Alexander Akopov.
After having watched his success in Russia over the past 15 years, it is our distinct honor to present Alexander’s work exclusively to North America.

Most impressive among his attributes is the easily recognized quality of his paintings in oil on linen, and his unwavering work ethic. These, coupled with an exceptionally charming personality, make him an honored addition to the TCE family and a valuable contributor to our gallery team members.
To provide some important background on Alexander: He is a respected master of the Russian School of Realism. Born in Moscow, Russia, Alexander first studied from 1981 – 1988 at the Moscow Secondary Art School. During this period, he was inspired by the works of masters, such as Ilya Repin and Michelangelo.

As a result of the diversity of his artistic accomplishments, Alexander was admitted to the prestigious V. Surikov Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, a leading center of art education in the world. He graduated with highest honors in 1997 was quickly inducted into the International Federation and Creative Union of Russian Painters.

Akopov’s paintings are found in public and private collections in England, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Russia and the United States. He has held one-man exhibitions in London, Moscow and Germany and has participated in exhibitions at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, for over 20 years.

Alexander displays his virtuosity in each of the three primary genres he works in (landscapes, still life and portraiture), with an impeccable sense of harmony, passion and precise brushstrokes.
His still life paintings incorporate an exacting balance between light and dark, with a palette that is rich in color and noble in its application.

Alexander’s portraits represent a vital part of his extraordinary ability. With an ability to paint in a fine and tender way, yet strong and spiritual, he presents children, young women, old men and even beggars in a manner that reveals their very soul!

One significant milestone in his career occurred when a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II he painted for a charity supporting critically ill children sold at auction for over 30,000 lbs! Another portrait of Maria Montessori he is extremely proud of, hangs in the Russian headquarters for the Montessori schools in Moscow. He loves the fact that Maria, through his painting, is able to vigilantly watch over her students, year after year.
Landscapes account for the most comprehensive of his collections, and it is in this genre that his true genius is capably revealed. Alexander is himself a true naturalist and loves to depict mountains, forests and the sea in their full splendor and captivating glory.

“I’ve loved the sun and the sea since my childhood,” beams the artist, who is also an avid swimmer and deep-sea diver. All is full of the sunlight and that golden color, that one might speculate, colors the inner world of the artist himself.
The entry level prices being offered won’t last for long!